"Silencio, Por Favor" The EP OUT NOW!!!

The highly anticipated EP is out NOW on ALL PLATFORMS. Within a month of release the single "Boss Tawk" feat Slab of MMG has been featured on over 50 playlists and played on FM and Online Radio Stations across the United States and abroad. Summer anthems "Wet Enuff" and "Woe Woe" are already receiving praise from DJs and fans alike. Check it out on your favorite platform to see what the hype is about!


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"I am the YOUNGEST, addicted to money. Say I got a habit. You don't say much when you're the boss. Say you make it happen. I hear 'em talking like they really know me; These niggas be cappin'. I hit her once, she hitting my phone. Now she a distraction."



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Chavo is an up and coming North Carolina artist that currently resides in Atlanta, GA. Chavo is the CEO of the brand Black Kings Militia aka BKM. Despite the challenges and adversities Chavo faced growing up in a small town, he still managed to find his way in the big city of Atlanta to pursue his music career. With versatility and a charisma that enamors his fans, he has been making waves in the industry.

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What's your favorite song from “Silencio, Por Favor”?

Wet Enuff 2
Boss Tawk 2
Woe Woe 1
P.S.A. 1
Big Dog 2
Still BKM 1
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Song List

  • Roxanne - Chavo
  • Still BKM - Chavo
  • Hold Me Down - Chavo ft. Solo Authentic
  • Mexico - Chavo ft. Dappa Nawf
  • She Dat Action- Z6e ft. Dappa Nawf & Chavo
  • #RelationshipGoals - Chavo ft. Chyna & JaeLove
  • Woe Woe Chavo ft. Chyna
  •  252 - BKM
  • 3 AM - Chavo ft. Solo Authentic
  • Meltdown- Chavo
  • Boss Lady - Chavo
  • Man of the House - Chavo
  • Jit - Chavo
  • Smash - Chavo
  • Crash - Chavo
  • Morgue - feat. 9ine
  • Rude - Chavo
  • Groovy - Chavo

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